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Rain-X 5079276-2 Latitude Wiper Blade, 19" (Pack of 1)


2000 VW Jetta 2.0L AEG -- Channel 1 is crankshaft position sensor, channel 2 is camshaft position sensor, channel 3 is a WPS 500 in cylinder #1, channel 4 is a capacitance pickup around ignition cable #1 which was grounded through a spark tester, and channel 5 is a Firstlook Sensor in the exhaust pipe. This engine is out of time mechanically and would not start.

We have a 2000 vw Jetta and I was driving
it and I stalled it at the end of our road (2nd
time driving) I then tell my mom I'm done
and we switch sides and when she went to
turn it back on and it didn't turn over or
anything. We were able to take the key out
without any of the lights or air conditioning
going off so we disconnected the battery
for a day and replaced the ignition switch
and still nothing. When you turn the key
there is no resistance at all it just turns
freely. What do you think could be the


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