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The 1998 Mercury Villager is a minivan that was introduced by Ford Motors in 1993. It is a rebadged version of the Nissan Quest and the result of a joint venture between Nissan and Ford. The engine used in the Villager and Quest seemed to have a serious problem with the crankshaft, which would break at the front stub. However, the problem was rectified from the 1995 model onward.

The 1998 Mercury Villager remains unchanged from its previous model year. However, Ford is planning to make some major changes to the model and launch the next generation of the minivan for the following model year.


1998 Mercury Villager - User Reviews - CarGurus

Vehicle: 1998 Mercury Villager Wow, this is a real awesome minivan. my ex-girlfriend 2 years ago put water in to the oil, and she filled totally the engine until the measure stick did pop out due to the immense pressure. By that time it has 140,000 miles. After 8 oil changes and a complete labor to remove the water, the van stills running with no problems. Today it just pass the 180,000 miles, still have the original rear brakes, and the air conditioning that freezes anyone. It seems that the power locks are definitively one common issue in this vehicle, mine are sometimes crazy, the car locks without touching it. This was a unavoidable gift from a friend that left the country, and it was definitively a bless.