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The 1996 BMW Z3 comes with 16-inch alloy wheels and a standard anti-lock braking system. Airbags come standard on the driver and passenger sides and traction control provides an optional feature. Standard fog lights also improve the safety of the Z3. Intermittent windshield wipers come standard along with power steering and power brakes. This roadster does not come with roll bars and this can be a safety issue if drivers do not take proper care while driving.

Thanks to James Bond and Neiman-Marcus, the 1996 BMW Z3 was approaching cult status even before it went on sale this spring. As Bond, Pierce Brosnan drove an Olympic Atlanta blue version in the movie Goldeneye, and a limited edition of the German-American roadster gleamed in the pages of the 1995 Neiman-Marcus Christmas Book and sold out almost immediately. But how will the South Carolina-built...


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Vehicle: 1996 BMW Z3 Owning a 1996 for many years, I can't say one bad thing about it. When you buy a car , do your research. Don't buy, then find fault. Edmunds is the place to start and end in my opinion. Honest chatter only. This car, after becoming a sports car fan back in 1966, is a keeper. Owned jaguar 140,1957, porsche 911, spitfire triumph, etc. This car is the true top down , smooth going country backroad car. So was the jag. Ha. I am over six foot, 250 pounds and this can rail the corners. Safely. Retired, there are plenty of sites that can save you money. The 70 dollar oil change is half. I do it for the pleasure. One problem that was that the seat track guides wear out. The easy fix was extending the seat all the way back. No problem, if a six footer. The long hood is classic. 166,000 miles and no noticeable performance change. Friends have same type car with a third of the mileage and they can't tell any difference. This car deserves to be treated right. It will take care of your pleasure driving. Best sports car ever. 1.9 is perfect.