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When driving for 10 minutes the temperature rises quickly all the way to the top but the 1994 Toyota Previa S/C is still running and no overheat or smoke coming out. What is wrong? Already replaced wa...

The 1994 Toyota Previa was well liked for its excellent handling, futuristic dashboard, ample cargo and legroom, unique styling, and reliability. Despite the availability of a supercharged engine, many drivers still found themselves wishing for a V6.


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As much as I consider myself a car guy, my personal fleet over the years hasn’t exactly been impressive. In hindsight, it’s kind of pathetic how singularly my high-school identity was tied to my first car — a beat-up, green 1994 Toyota Previa All-Trac with over 200K on the odometer, layers of electrical tape covering up the rust building on the edges of the hatch, and a jerry-rigged CD player torn from my mom’s Camry.