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Hi there, i am having a problem with my 1993 saturn SL1, my car is leaking oil from under the engine, suposively from the time chain cover that needs to be replaced. i was driving my car when all of a sudden oil started coming out of the muffler in thick blue smoke. Before this i had put 4L of 10w30 oil into the engine so that the oil would be thick enough to not seep through where ever it is leaking.. and that is when i had my problem. is it posible that the oil leaked into my muffler system? a mechanic says there is the possibilty that my rings may be shot..

The following chart contains OEM and replacement bulb numbers for the 1993 Saturn SL1. In some cases the Saturn number will be different than aftermarket replacement bulb numbers.


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I have 1993 saturn sl1 that i am swapping a 1999 saturn
sl2 engine and transmission in. I have the whole 1999
saturn sl2 and it runs and drives but will not pass dmv
inspection due to a rear end collision. I know that this is a
project but my question is since I am using the pcm and
wiring harness out of the 1999 saturn will I have to
reprogram the pcm?