• 1988 bronco 2 4wheel drive completly stock
  • 1988 bronco 2 thrush 2 chamber exhaust
  • 1988 bronco 2.5 ton 44 boggers

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on a 1988 bronco 2 I adjusted linkage on automatic transmission where it would stay in park and now when I go to stop the transmission shifts down really ruff and vibrates. My question is what did I s...

I just acquired a 1988 Bronco 2 (manual trans)in really nice condition. I also own a 1994 Explorer w 4.0 (auto trans) which has low miles of 75k. I hate this vehicle and would like to replace the 2.9 engine in the Bronco with the 4.0 from the Explorer. My online research seems to indicate that a bronco later than 87 and an Explorer 94 or earlier should be nearly bolt in. Problem is I cannot find anyone willing to do the job.


Interested in reviews for the 1988 Ford Bronco II