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I've got a 1982 Jeep CJ7 up for sale. This thing is NOT a daily driver yet, but DOES run well and drive. It needs some work. I just don't have the time for it and am PCSing in the next few months. I got this Jeep as a partial trade for money owed, so I am not intimately familiar with it, but I will do my best to list the known problems and answer questions if you have them. It has the "iron duke" 151L motor and has a 4 speed manual transmission Issues: -Oil leak. A very significant one. Haven't spent any time looking for it, but the entire engine compartment is saturated. -Soft brakes: Im assuming it's the master cylinder, but am not sure. Only a few things it could be, but needs to be addressed. The brakes do work, they are just very soft. -Rust. It's a 34 year old Jeep. It has some rust. Not terrible, but it is there. Floorboards have it some too. -Interior: The carpet is ripped out, the seats have tears. It needs some work. It wasn't treated well. Also, it has a water leak to the interior somewhere. Pros: -Has the desirable hard top. This top alone can fetch 1500-2000 dollars. -Does run and drive. Needs to have the issues addressed above fixed, but the bones are there. -Overall, for a 34 year old truck, its in pretty good shape. One note, While it does run and drive, the brakes, as mentioned above, are soft so I highly encourage anyone interested to trailer this jeep to your place....

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