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For sale in our Chicago showroom is a nice, original 1973 Ford Gran Torino. The Torino line was produced by The Ford Motor Company between 1968 and 1976 and found its place in the intermediate category of vehicles. In pop culture it is synonymous with show Starsky and Hutch in which a 1974 model was driven. Named after the city of Turin in Italy it translates in Italian to Torino and is known as the Italian Detroit. The iconic look of the front grill along with the raised rear bumper give this Ford a retro look that is not often seen anymore. The metallic gold paint looks great in contrast to brown vinyl top. It's hard to believe by looking at the size of this car that it was considered to be mid-size at the time.

1973 Gran Torino Sport Q-Code CobraJet and the C6 Auto transmission. Rally gauges, console, and buckets. Has recent exhaust work, new exhaust manifold on the passenger side, replacement driver side manifold included in sale. New air shocks and air lines, master cylinder, rear differential work, and new 275/60R15's on the rear, 235/60R15's in the front. Two replacement 235's are included, the 235's have about 3,000 miles on them. The 275's have about 250 miles. There's probably more work and new stuff on it, but they're slipping my mind at the moment. It runs and drives good. It has also had the bumper tuck done, both front and back Comes with air conditioning but the pump is frozen, needs replacement or a rebuild. Also needs new fuel gauge, seat belt clasps, and passenger side front blinker works intermittently. Interior is in great condition, needs new dash pad though and radio is not hooked up, and all the speakers are needing replaced. Has rust under the vinyl top, and some bubble rust around the fender rings and on the doors. Has had work done to it in the past, needs full restoration. Paint is decent, has some chips and dings, car is about a ten-footer. If you have less than 100 feedback, please message me before you buy or bid. Someone bought this car and then dropped off the face of the earth with super low feedback, so I'd rather not have to deal with that again....


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Further in my archives, Popular science got a 1973 Gran Torino Sport with heavy duty suspension through there slalom at 58.3 MPH, vs a Laguna Chevelle a 53.0 MPH and Satellite Sebring at 56.4 MPH (others tested by PS: Audi 100LS 54.6 MPH, Volvo 144S 51.45, Mercedes 250 60.0 MPH). Not half bad for a “wallowing Ford”…