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The 2007 Suzuki Forenza is an attractive, modest looking sedan or wagon designed to appeal to drivers on a budget. It doesn’t attract a great deal of attention on the road. However, it does come standard with bumpers matching the exterior paint, adding a bit of class and elegance to the vehicle.

The 2007 Suzuki Forenza has a lot going for it, especially its price. It ranks among the most affordable in its class and has gained some popularity for this reason. However, many auto industry leaders and consumers alike have some problems with the Forenza’s design and quality. In many cases, low-quality materials appear in the manufacturing of this car, and it results in a cheap-looking cabin and less than stellar performance. The suspension on the Forenza typically results in an uninspired ride. Every bump and hole in the road reverberates through the cabin. Additionally, with mixed safety reviews don’t place the Forenza higher on anyone’s list.


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I bought this 2007 Suzuki Forezna used for about $6,000 in 2011 with about 66k miles on it. I have spent thousands and thousands of dollars on every expensive repair you can imagine. The car has been regularly breaking down and in and out of the shop once every 3 months or so. In the past 6 months alone, I have spent over $1500 replacing serpentine belt, spark plugs, engine valve cover, alternator, and radiator. Even after all these repairs car is non-driveable, now being diagnosed with a blown head gasket. Also the cadillidic converter is bad. Time for the junk yard, and car is only at 109,000! Terrible fuel economy, terrible driving (very sluggish), slow breaking, heat and cooling system inside vehicle stopped functioning properly years ago. I only drive this car 5 miles to work each day, mind you, at the speed limit. What an awful vehicle. And awful resale value, even if it was in perfect condition (blue book value of less than $1,500).